Our story

In the Summer of 2013, Sarah, a new mom to the adorable Charlotte Rose, found herself dealing with the usual jewelry and hair-pulling many moms know all too well.  All she wanted was a few teething necklaces – but they were hard to come by in the local stores of Somerville, Massachusetts and even harder to find in styles she loved.  So, she decided to make teething accessories for herself and her best friends – to choose colors and beads and styles she liked, to make smaller versions for little girls to match their moms, and even smaller teething rings for babies. And so she did just that.

[Note: She made sure to use only beads made of 100% food grade silicone, similar to the materials used for pacifiers. They needed to be easy to wash with everyday mild dish soap or even on the top shelf of her dishwasher.]

Soon after, amidst her random travels around Cambridge and Boston while wearing her new projects, she discovered she was onto something!  Local moms and stores alike were often asking where to get her functional-yet-fashion-forward necklaces.  Cute accessories for fussy, teething babies…  who knew?  She found herself agreeing to distribute to a handful of stores and thus, Charlotte Rose Accessories was born.

Before long, there were too many stores for Sarah to manage as a mom and a school counselor.  It was the perfect time for her to stumble upon yet another discovery; stay at home moms are not only amazing friends, but they also enjoy making fun jewelry for themselves and their friends… and their friend's friends… and their creativity and passion makes them amazing business partners as well.

The story continues with Charlotte Rose Accessories organically outgrowing the constructs of a tiny business, Sarah bringing in her closest mom friend, Karin, and the two of them together growing into a small business.  With that said, small is important.  They are careful to stay small, to make everything not only in America, but with their own hands and the hands of their little network of moms.  They never let the business lose the sense of family that is so important to them. 

Moving along (literally); Karin moved to Honolulu for her husband’s job.  But that didn’t stop her.  Lo and behold, the shops in her new home loved her teething accessories too!  And so, in the Summer of 2016, right around the same time that the real Charlotte Rose was getting big enough to make her own decisions about her personal necklace styles, Charlotte Rose Accessories had a big decision to make as well. The company needed to re-brand. Sarah and Karin needed to find a new name that represented their vision for the company. 

And, that is how, three SUMMERs later, Sarah and Karin’s company re-launched as SUMMER LULU, a small business bringing fashionable and functional teething accessories to stores across the country from SOMERville to HonoLULU.

Sarah and Charlotte

Karin and Daya


PS. You can be a part of our story!  If you or your children enjoyed our products, send your thoughts by email to Sarah@summerlulu.com or tag us in your photos #Summerlulu.We love to feature our customers on Facebook and Instagram and enter them for a chance to win accessories custom-made in their choice of colors and styles.