Our customers are AMAZING, and any chance we can give back to them, we do. Summer Lulu is honored to raise money for charities and communities, especially for those with missions focusing on kids.

 At Summer Lulu® we love to team up with like-minded organizations to make a difference for families in our communities. Looking for a fun and easy way to raise money? Summer Lulu makes it simple, we would love to help and are happy to discuss what we can provide based on your fundraiser format or goal to create personalized fundraising options that are perfect for your organization. The sales generated at your event are donated to your organization. We take care of everything, so you can have your fundraiser wherever you want. It’s an easy way to raise money and have fun!

Easier for you to raise funds:

Choosing Summer Lulu® Fundraising will give your supporters a product that they can trust and will be proud to give as a gift or even keep as a treat for themselves. Our products will be sold at retail price and your group earns a percentage of all profit.

Easy to run: 

We will gladly create custom color options to match your company or team colors. There are no materials costs to you, no order minimums, we tally all orders, and ship each order.  We will work closely with your chairperson to help you understand how the sale is progressing.

Easy to wrap up your sale: 

With our personalized customer service, we make it easy for customers to contact us. Summer Lulu® will deal directly with your buyers so it is not necessary follow up on your part. We will also work closely with your chairperson to process the sales and send donations directly to your organization.

It’s just that simple! Your supporters get great products at unbelievable prices while earning extra money for your organization. If you are want more information or are ready to get started, contact us here 

If you are part of a nonprofit Summer Lulu would love to hear how we can help. For more information on how Summer Lulu gives back to the community, click here!