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Welcome to Summer Lulu, a small business bringing fashionable and functional teething accessories to stores across the country from Somerville to Honolulu. Founded by two mamas who wanted to support each other, Summer Lulu strives to build a community of support for women struggling with balancing work and motherhood. And this is why all of our products are made by moms for moms. At Summer Lulu, we are proud to say that all of our products are crafted with care by parents who are able to earn a supplemental income on their own schedule and their own terms. 

Chewelry, safe chewable jewelry, makes a great gift for any mom with teething infants and toddlers. And it can also be used to provide necessary sensory input for children, teens and adults with autism, ADD and sensory processing disorders. Our chewelry works great in classrooms as an alternative to chewing on fingernails, clothes, pencils and other school supplies. It can used as a self-regulation tool at home, schools or in therapy. All of our chewelry keeps little fingers and mouths busy while promoting focus and concentration. Without sacrificing fashion, kids and adults can use our chewelry for relaxation and stress relief any time.